Jacynda Smith: Chief Executive Officer & Inventor

Jacynda Smith, the CEO and inventor of the TYME Iron, loves anything fashionable and trendy! When she’s not working on new products and ideas, you can find her spending TYME with her family and friends. She loves anything on a boat, especially wakeboarding, and enjoys decorating as well. The more bling, the better! She loves finding new ways for clients to save TYME, look stylish, and feel confident about themselves!

Kierre Reeg: Chief Executive Officer & Brother

At the helm of the TYME ship is the one and only Kierre Reeg. Kierre holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Finance from the University of Colorado Boulder. Prior to his founding of TYME, he spent eight years as a senior equity trader at a Denver and NYC based hedge fund. When he's not out being awesome, he enjoys rock climbing, traveling, and educating himself on all sorts of stuff and things!! Oh yeah, did we mention how awesome he is? Kierre didn't write this by the way :)

Dan Smith: Chief Operating Officer & Husband

Dan Smith is the Chief Operating Officer and helps make the TYME world go round! Prior to joining TYME, Dan played professional hockey for 13 years including stints with the Colorado Avalanche (who initially drafted him) and more recently, the Edmonton Oilers. He completed his business degree at the University of Dubuque after moving from the frozen tundra of Canada, where he originally studied at the University of British Columbia. Dan is a huge part of making sure that your TYME Iron gets to you in the quickest and best way possible! When he’s not working, Dan likes working.

Jared Reeg - Chief Financial Officer & Brother

Our in-house number cruncher is Jared Reeg. Jared graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Accounting from the University of Colorado and is a Certified Public Accountant licensed to practice in the State of Colorado. Jared has over 20 years of accounting experience wants you to know that he is the most knowledgeable member of the entire team! ;)

Gabe Munz - Chief Technology Officer & Family Friend

As TYME's H.G.I.C. (Head Geek In Charge), Gabe keeps the rest of the TYME team up to date with the freshest tech and more importantly, helps make sure TYME customers receive the coolest experience possible on our website. Gabe has nearly 15 years of experience in IT operations management and making sure technology needs align with business needs for fast-paced organizations, such as TYME.

Mark Trujillo - Vice President of Sales & Cousin’s Cousin

Mark Trujillo holds his degree in Economics from Colorado State University and brings an extensive array of sales experience from industries including telecommunications and finance (he even helped his family create a successful business of their own!). Living in the the Mile High City, you would never guess that he is a Broncos Fan because he only owns fifty million of their hats. Seriously, he has one for pretty much every occasion.